About the STUDIO

Bear Bites Horse is a recording studio in Haggerston, East London run by Producer and Musician Wayne Adams. Wayne opened the studio in 2013 and has built a name as one of the UK’s most exciting producers creating intriguing, awesome and massive sounding, indie, punk, hardcore, metal, industrial and experimental records.

Wayne has filled the studio with some of the choicest amps, most brutal and unusual pedals and some awesome microphones. The studio also houses a massive synth collection, including a huge Eurorack setup and a massive pedal collection. We also have three main studio drum kits and loads of snares for you to choose from, and a good selection of cymbals.

We are situated a two minute walk from Haggerston Tube, a lovely park and plenty of pubs and places to eat!

Studio Rates

Rates are £295 a day for an 8 hour day, this includes Wayne and the studio and all in-house equipment.
Control Room Two is run by Phillippe Khalilian. Contact Philippe for his current rates here philippekhalilian.com

Select Gear List

The gear collection is ever expanding. Please email for any specific information.


Matamp GT1
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier
Amp Maker SE5
Marchall JCM800
Dutton 100
Fender Bassman x2
Fender Super Twin
Souncity 100
Traynor YGL 3
Traynor YBA 1
Laney GH50L
Laney AOR 30
Vox AC30
Orange TH100
Peavey 5150
Orange Tiny Terror
Selmer Treble and Bass x2
Laney Klipp
Sovtec Mig 50
Peavey Bandit
MusicMan HD130
Ampeg SVT Pro 2
GK RB800
HH V-S Bass
Peavey Mark III Bass
Verellen Custom
Verellen Skyhammer


Soundcity 412 (loaded with Fanes)
Matamp 412 (loaded with V30s)
Laney 412 (loaded with V30s)
Orange 412
Marshall 1960 412
Ampeg 810
Peavey 118
Ampeg 115

Outboard Gear

Thermionic Culture Pre Amps
Thermionic Culture EQs
Thermionic Phoenix Compressor
Thermionic Culture Vulture
Warm Audio API Pre Amps
Audient Pre Amps
Five Fish Audio Pre Amps
RME Convertors
Lexicon Outboard FX
Eventide Outboard FX
Boss Outboard FX
Korg Outboard FX
Elektron Analogue Heat
Hologram Microcosm


Audio Technica
Line Audio
Se Electronics

Synths & Noise Toys

Yamaha 9000 Recording Custom Late 70’s
(13 / 14 / 18 / 24)

Tama Birch Bubinga Starclassic
(10 / 12 / 16 / 22)

Gretsch Renown
(10 / 12 / 14 / 22)


Ludwig 400 Supraphonic
Pearl – Ian Paice Signature
Pearl – Vinnie Paul Signature
Pearl – Free Floating Steel
Pearl Free Floating Birch
Natal – Stave
Yamaha – Steal
Black Panther Birch 14″


Sabian HHX
(14″ Hats / 16″ Crash / 20″ Ride)

Ziljan K Dark
(18″ Crash)


Akai Inteliphase
Arion HM2
Arion Super Phaser
Behringer EQ
Behringer VD400
Behringer Vintage Phaser
Big Muff Big Silver
Boss Blues Driver
Boss Chorus Ensemble CE5
Boss Compressor Sustainer CS3
Boss Flanger BF3
Boss GE7
Boss HM2
Boss Hyper Fuzz
Boss OC2
Boss Power Driver
Boss PQ3
Boss Super Phaser
Boss Tremolo
Boss TU2
Boss TU3
Burial at Sea
Capo Pedal Morpheus
Charger Distortion
Colour Sound Bass Fuzz
Cry Baby Wah Wah
DigiTech Drop
DigiTech Time Bender
EQD Acapulco Gold
EQD Arpanoid
EQD Bit Commander
EQD Data Corruptor
EQD Disaster Transport
EQD Dispatch Master
EQD Hoof
EQD Plumes
EQD Sunn Life Pedal
Eventide Space
Gamechanger Plasma Pedal
Green Big Muff
Guitar Disruptor
Holy Grail Reverb
Ibanez Tube Screamer
Iron Horse Distortion
Left Hand Path HM2
Maddog Fuzz
Marshall Distortion
Marshall Super Vibe
Metal Muff
Morpheus Drop Tune
Orange Two Stroke
Pro Co Rat
Sans Amp GT2
Sludge Hammer
Small Clone Phaser
Stonedeaf PDF
Seymour Duncan Mayhem Distortion
TC Iron Curtain
TC Mimiq
TC Skysurfer
TC Vibraclone
The Mole
Tight Metal
Twin Earth Fuzz

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